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The Other Side of Forever

by The Accident Will

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It's a Trap! 03:38
Come along, stop resisting your fate It's just not done - and there is no escape Some have resisted, worthy of song Not me (not me) I was never that strong When we're through, you'll be better by far For just a moment, you'll be one with the sssssssstars Mutilation! And mutation! If this is right, then I want to be wrong When your black empire has failed And the resistance has prevailed Now there's nothing left to say (nothing left to say) If after all we're just mistakes Then stitch & sew & recreate Til there's nothing left to say Beneath the static, below the waves My spark still flickers, still resonates Take me apart, piece by piece I am depleted, so you may increase What a waste of my youth, oh, what! A! Shame! Tell me, tell me now, tell me - who do I blame? I faced my foe at the breaking of dawn (My God) It was me, it was me all along When your black empire has failed And the resistance has prevailed Now there's nothing left to say (nothing left to say) If after all we're just mistakes Then stitch & sew & recreate Til there's nothing left to say When the tower walls are scaled Adversaries all impaled (At last) there's nothing left to say
Come, O cleansing fire of promise Scorch the meat from off our bones Fill your coffers from our coffins From our fossils form your throne (Your so-called truth Will be reviled) We've had enough of all your alibis Syncopated, orchestrated Swarming with flies We need some light to break these smoldering skies Incinerate the fear And cut you down to size Masses, thirsty, desperate, tired Of suckling upon your glistening teat Out of the slag our skeletons will rise We'll gather beneath your tower of flesh No longer content to be fat with deceit (Or sour bile)
(In blackest night we rise) Is this all who are coming? Is this all who have stayed? Now is the time, when we draw the line Though it may prove our grave Yet we're still standing to fight for what's right Yet we still ride out with banners held high With torches, ignited, our light fills the night And still we rise up, persist, and survive You want us dead At any cost At any expense There is a price on our heads Are we so dangerous? That you must murder us? All for the sake of your arrogant avarice Come the dogs Come the raids Come the hidebound To kill the brave For this eloquent hope, these crystalline dreams The sound of a future as yet unseen We fight not alone, on each other we'll lean Resist the power! Destroy the machine!
It's timeless This frozen arrangement Fragile heart strings Play in the twilight And I put it away Before you can glimpse ...The hole that I found in there Alone in my arms tonight She sings Catch myself falling Before it gets too bright And she gathers me up With precision & grace ...Until I can feel the beat of her heart When will I come down & see myself lying next to you? When will I come down & see you holding on to what is true? When will I come down to see myself holding onto you? When will I come down to see you with me?
She is your sister Your daughter, your love She sings of sorrow She dreams to be free of Fierce wind cuts through her It chills to the bone Threatens to consume her But she is not alone Here stands a soldier Here stands a child A stand so courageous she makes Hell in the distance Ever drawing near On the word of her captain she waits Her gown of barbed wire Her crown of horns Her silence, now broken Enrobes her, it keeps her warm The years of trial She holds her ground Bend back the bowstring Wait for the sound An angel, she's waiting A life so worth saving She


The debut recorded work from THE ACCIDENT WILL.
5 tracks / 20:03


released March 11, 2011

guitars/vox: Ryan Ro
bass/vox: Brian MacLean
drums: Jennifer Skolney

Recorded & Mixed by Geoff Walter, Edmonton AB
Mastered by Nathanael Sterr at Dovefire, Grande Prairie AB

Photography by Byron Hradoway, Edmonton AB


all rights reserved



The Accident Will Edmonton, Alberta

Rock band.

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